Category Assignment

DART I & C has identified broad sector categories wherein specific groups of related entities, goods, services, and/or brands will be selected for the Award. Research is undertaken in the months below. The Award is calculated and notification delivered during the 30-days that follow final calculation.

November – Insurance

January – Money/Banking

February – Communications

March/April – Occupations

May – Manufacturing

July – Technology Products

August – Technology Services

September – General Merchandise

October – Grocery/Food Retail

Net Score Tabulation

Maru/Blue surveys a randomized sample of between 3500 and 4500 Canadian adults (18+) from its curated Voice Canada Online panel. The results have been weighted by education, age, gender, and region to match the population, according to Census data.  This is to ensure the sample is representative of the entire adult population of Canada. The survey is undertaken within a three-month window before notifying the Awardee.

The following introduction and question are placed on a survey instrument for respondents:

“Respect is a deep admiration or positive feeling about a combination of someone’s characteristics such as their abilities, qualities, values, actions, and/or achievements. Similarly, organizations can achieve respect based on what people perceive or experience about them— like what they make or do, how they treat employees or customers, what they communicate or contribute to society, how much they’re trusted, how their leadership acts, and what’s said about them in the media or even by family and friends.

Based on your impression from what you have seen, read, heard, or personally experienced, please indicate if you RESPECT each of the following organizations, and to what degree:

Choose One

Very Much


Not Very Much

Not at All

Never heard of them

The list of companies/entities is then provided to respondents in a randomized fashion. Each respondent completes the rating per entity provided for the scaled evaluation. If an entity has a significant sub-brand (s) in the same category/sector, each will be listed separately and evaluated on its own. As noted above, the list of entities provided to respondents for evaluation is randomized so as to create no unintentional bias.

Those respondents who choose the scale entry that they have “Never heard of them” are subsequently removed from the data analysis. The data is then rebased to include only respondents who are aware of the entity evaluated. The “Respect Score” is then created by giving 100 points for those who choose “Very Much”, 70 points for “Somewhat”, 30 points for “Not Very Much”, and 0 points for “Not At All”. A mean score is determined using these values, ultimately giving a value between 0 to 100 for each entity.

The scoring produces a ranked order with the top entity being the  “Most Respected” and, depending on the closeness of the results, up to four others immediately adjacent that may be named as “One of Canada’s Most Respected”. Under the scoring regimen, it is possible that a lesser known entity than others could be at or near the top of the category. There is no associated margin of error because the results are determined by a point scoring formula. Each top ranked Most Respected Awardee is provided with an SPSS set of the findings free of charge while others may purchase the data-set independently.

Notification of the Results

The results of the survey and ranking of the entities will be posted to the “Canada’s Most Respected” page of DART I&C and Canada’s Most Respected websites the moment that the award is handed out.

What is posted will include a statement about the ranking of the winners with their index numbers plus the data tables from the actual survey (as below). These results will remain on the site and be accessible to anyone who wants to view or download them.