2021-22 Awardee

Canada’s Most Respected Life Insurance Company

Blue Cross Life is a federally-licensed company with operations across the country. The company specializes in life insurance, living benefits and disability income protection products that supplement the portfolio of health and dental products distributed by each of the regional Blue Cross member plans. Each member plan is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of every Canadian it serves.

Distinguished Recognition
2021-22 Results

Blue Cross Life ranks first as the Most Respected Insurance Company in Canada, based on the highest RESPECT SCORE tabulated in a national survey conducted among 4,082 randomly selected Canadian adults who are members of the Maru Online panel during November 2021.

Important to note is that “Very Much Respect” scores increased for all the top ranked insurance companies from 2020-21. To us this indicates a stellar job by all life insurance companies to remain genuine, understanding, and supportive during these difficult times, and that the Canadian public notes and values such actions. Blue Cross Life ascended to the top due in part to stronger awareness and respect scores in Atlantic Canada, British Columbia and Alberta.

2021-22 results were then calculated based on the ranking methodology noted previously. The detailed tables for this study are posted here.

* These results are posted with the detailed tables as a proof point for the study.  Reproduction of this chart either in whole or in part may not be undertaken without the expressed permission of DART I & C.

This list is comprised of the retail based Canadian Life Insurance Companies regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI 2020) Canada . (Those featured as “Reinsurance” were excluded.)

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