Respect Matters

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2208, 2022

The Bank of Goodwill

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Be honest. Be respectful. Keep your word. Stand behind your promises. Out-of-the-blue critical events and issues can be upon you. Within a day, Rogers had every regulatory and business-eye on it when our national communications and commerce came to a [...]

1307, 2022

Reputation matters, especially now.

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27 companies to note in 8 Industry Sectors.  Airline delays, telecom blackouts, food and energy cost escalations, are just a few of the things that have affected various consumer-citizen sectors and put their corporate inhabitants under the microscope nowadays. And [...]

1006, 2022

Treating Customers with Respect

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6 Win-Win Reminders to Keep Close by. I keep a 2017 list of 6 Ways to Respect your Customers, written by Denyse, Drummond-Dunn, ( pinned visibly near my desk.   I refer to this list almost daily as I interact [...]

2005, 2022

Corporate Respect Leaders 2020-2022

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Current Examples for Developing Managers. My February 2022 blog talked about the character-trait of respect being a differentiating attribute our of country, and the need to bring respect/respectful-behaviour more into our active conversations.   Our businesses and institutions are perfect places [...]

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