About Victoria Ollers

Victoria Ollers is a Founding Partner of DART I & C (Insight & Communications). With 30 years of communications experience on both the client and agency sides, Victoria (Vicki) is a senior communications executive who has been trusted to counsel leaders in public, private, government and non-profit organizations. Her depth of experience includes management of delicate issue and crisis communications projects, C-Suite media and presentation training to stakeholder and community relations.

Respect in a crisis – A win or lose game with little in between

In a crisis situation everything moves fast, exponentially fast. The challenge is to get your message out early, factually and believably to your employees, shareholders and stakeholders – in part, to shut down and better manage the rumour mill fed by social media. How does respect fare in this hothouse environment? It can be lost [...]

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Aretha Franklin had the right idea a half century ago. She spelled the word in song, and amplified its meaning through the acronym TCB. Generations of her fans wondered what that meant. Well, TCB meant a lot to Aretha Franklin in song and in life. And it should mean as much to us as it [...]

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