About John Wright

John is a founding legacy Partner of DART, and is now Executive Vice President of Maru/Blue Public Opinion (https://www.marublue.com/public-opinion ). With over 30 years advising leaders in every sector and on most every top-drawer public affairs issue, he is available via DART to provide consulting perspective and guidance to C-Suite and Board members on high-stakes strategic communications challenges. He also continues to steward our “Canada’s Most Respected” program.

Embracing Respect at Airbus

Respect is a fundamental value for all employees at Airbus—etched into the very culture of their organization drive both from the top down and bottom up.  “Respect guides all of our daily interactions – with each other, with our customers and even with our products”.  Aircraft Assembler and Values Ambassador Geoffrey Purcell echoes this view: [...]

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Battered “Trust” Gives Way to New Reputation Measurement: RESPECT

For over 30 years the core of corporate reputation measurement has been the attribute of “Trust”. This concept first arrived in Canada in 1988 with a book I co-edited with a group of public affairs luminaries. Entitled “The Public Affairs Handbook: Maximizing markets, Protecting Bottom Lines”, it held that “Trust” was THE most important attribute [...]

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