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John is a founding legacy Partner of DART, and is now Executive Vice President of Maru/Blue Public Opinion (https://www.marublue.com/public-opinion ). With over 30 years advising leaders in every sector and on most every top-drawer public affairs issue, he is available via DART to provide consulting perspective and guidance to C-Suite and Board members on high-stakes strategic communications challenges. He also continues to steward our “Canada’s Most Respected” program.

Reputation matters, especially now.

27 companies to note in 8 Industry Sectors.  Airline delays, telecom blackouts, food and energy cost escalations, are just a few of the things that have affected various consumer-citizen sectors and put their corporate inhabitants under the microscope nowadays. And no doubt that with the Bank of Canada rapidly raising interest rates and investment portfolios [...]

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Embracing Respect at Airbus

Respect is a fundamental value for all employees at Airbus—etched into the very culture of their organization drive both from the top down and bottom up.  “Respect guides all of our daily interactions – with each other, with our customers and even with our products”.  Aircraft Assembler and Values Ambassador Geoffrey Purcell echoes this view: [...]

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An Important, Recent Study on the Importance of Respect on Customer Satisfaction (Queen’s University, Kingston)

A ground-breaking research paper by Professor Laurence Ashworth of the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, and Professor Maureen A. Bourassa of the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan addresses the question: Do consumer inferences of respect (disrespect) contribute to satisfaction (dissatisfaction)?   As the researchers note, customer satisfaction is critically important to organizations [...]

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Battered “Trust” Gives Way to New Reputation Measurement: RESPECT

For over 30 years the core of corporate reputation measurement has been the attribute of “Trust”. This concept first arrived in Canada in 1988 with a book I co-edited with a group of public affairs luminaries. Entitled “The Public Affairs Handbook: Maximizing markets, Protecting Bottom Lines”, it held that “Trust” was THE most important attribute [...]

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