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Industry Leader Interview with Tim Mawhinney

Earlier this year, Blue Cross Life was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Life Insurance Company by over 4,200 Canadians coast-to-coast, topping a list of 26 national insurance providers. Displacing Sun Life Financial nationally, we asked Tim Mawhinney, President and CEO of Blue Cross Life his views on what ‘respect’ means to him, how it applies in [...]

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The Bank of Goodwill

Be honest. Be respectful. Keep your word. Stand behind your promises. Out-of-the-blue critical events and issues can be upon you. Within a day, Rogers had every regulatory and business-eye on it when our national communications and commerce came to a full stop for almost a day.   With one video-release, Bell Media became a employment/employer pariah [...]

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Treating Customers with Respect

6 Win-Win Reminders to Keep Close by. I keep a 2017 list of 6 Ways to Respect your Customers, written by Denyse, Drummond-Dunn, (Business2community.com) pinned visibly near my desk.   I refer to this list almost daily as I interact with my clients by email, phone or in a meeting. Ask Permission to Gather Information [...]

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Corporate Respect Leaders 2020-2022

Current Examples for Developing Managers. My February 2022 blog talked about the character-trait of respect being a differentiating attribute our of country, and the need to bring respect/respectful-behaviour more into our active conversations.   Our businesses and institutions are perfect places to talk-about and promote the attribute of respect. Like Canada, our business-entities should respect the [...]

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CANADA: Respect is at our Core

It’s who we are, and what our businesses should be. We are a nation built on respect, and respectful behaviour. Canada has a deep, proven history promoting and protecting the fundamental the rights of nations and individuals, political rights and civil liberties.  Canadians value, advocate and defend human rights, the rule-of-law, gender equality, linguistic duality, ethnic [...]

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Industry Leader Interview with Stephen Beatty

Earlier this year, we announced Toyota was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Auto Manufacturer over 13 national peers.  This recognition was particularly important because it arrived during incredibly challenging (global pandemic) times for auto manufacturing leadership teams, their dealer networks, suppliers and customers. “Respect is earned, not just by manufacturing strong products, but through a combination [...]

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Respect as the Corporate Culture Code

Bill Higgs, former CEO of Mustang Engineering, author of Culture Code Champion, host of the Culture Code Champions Podcast, explains how treating others with Respect is critical to a strong corporate culture. In this quick read Forbes article, he clearly states his experience and two critical tenants that he promotes to achieve that end: Practice [...]

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Using/leveraging ‘Respect’ in 2021+

Last month, John Wright posted a blog on “Battered TRUST”  that highlighted and crystalized a few things for me: Corporate value is tied tightly to corporate reputation. A negative impact/event on the latter, affects the former.   For example: I.e.: Ubers treatment of a female engineer (2018) -> loss of respect of company leaders (internally and [...]

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Industry leader interview about respect with Jill Schnarr

  Earlier this year, TELUS was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Mobile Service Provider by over 3,700 Canadians coast-to-coast, topping a list of 22 national entities. In an especially competitive and difficult industry to be successful in, we asked Jill Schnarr, TELUS’ Chief Communications Officer what ‘respect’ means to her, how it applies in a corporate [...]

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Industry Leader Interview with Milos Vranesevic

Last fall, Sun Life Financial was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Life Insurance Company by over 4200 Canadians coast-to-coast, topping a list of 26 national insurance providers. In an age and time where good character is needed and sought, we asked Milos Vranesevic, Sun Life’s Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer his views on what [...]

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