It’s who we are, and what our businesses should be.

We are a nation built on respect, and respectful behaviour.

Canada has a deep, proven history promoting and protecting the fundamental the rights of nations and individuals, political rights and civil liberties.  Canadians value, advocate and defend human rights, the rule-of-law, gender equality, linguistic duality, ethnic and cultural diversity.

Canadians don’t typically beat-our-chests and seek attention/accolades, preferring to let our actions speak for us.   In general, we are a friendly, unpretentious group who value honesty, empathy, truthfulness and humility in our relationships with others.

As a people – and as a nation – we listen when others speak.   We consider their arguments and the position they are trying to convey.  We do our best hold civil, two-way conversations.  We respect the privacy and individualism of others.  We do our best to lead-by-example, versus telling others what to do.

Respectful behaviour is a differentiating feature of our nation. With this Canada’s Most Respected award program, we’re endeavoring to bring this important, meaningful character trait more into our consciousness and conversations.

Respect Matters.