Last fall, Sun Life Financial was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Life Insurance Company by over 4200 Canadians coast-to-coast, topping a list of 26 national insurance providers.

In an age and time where good character is needed and sought, we asked Milos Vranesevic, Sun Life’s Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer his views on what ‘respect’ means to him, how it applies in a corporate environment and how it guides him in his role.


What are the 2-3 key qualities that constitute ‘respect’ for you?

Commitment, listening and understanding. A company must be committed to delivering the best outcomes for their clients – and Canadians, in general. This takes active listening and genuine understanding to earn and keep respect long-term.


What makes earning public respect more challenging these days?

Respect is a broader, more holistic attribute for companies to attain. In addition to meeting your client/ customer needs, earning corporate respect by Canadians now includes what you give back to local communities, how you make the world a better place and how you treat your employees. At Sun Life, we are committed to driving meaningful change in these areas inside and outside our offices and operations.


What’s been an impactful “lesson” on ‘respect in business’ that has stuck with you over time?

That being a vulnerable leader is not a weakness. In the face of this global pandemic, social injustice and rapidly evolving future, we are seeing an overall decline in mental well-being. To drive the greatest impact going forward, leaders must manage their teams with understanding, openness, and compassion. Employees need to see themselves in those they look up to. I strongly believe that these soft-skills will be a core leadership competency beyond the pandemic.


What advice would you give a young manager on ‘corporate respect’:

Find a company whose Purpose you believe in and embed it in all you do. Allow that to be your North Star. Rally your team and work toward a clear and collective goal. Authenticity is key to building strong and lasting respect between your organization and its clients, employees, and the public.