Current Examples for Developing Managers.

My February 2022 blog talked about the character-trait of respect being a differentiating attribute our of country, and the need to bring respect/respectful-behaviour more into our active conversations.   Our businesses and institutions are perfect places to talk-about and promote the attribute of respect.

Like Canada, our business-entities should respect the rights of all, be honest, empathetic, truthful/transparent, care about partnerships, keep their promises, be professional and positive in their dealings.   Canadian businesses should lead-by-example, both internally and to consumer market.

Our Award program has quantified and identified the top companies that have a deserving seat at the most respected table in this decade/day-and-age.   These entities deserve recognition, celebration and your business:

  Canadian Businesses   Category
  ·     Blue Cross Life (Top Ranked 2022)

·     Sun Life (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Manulife (Distinguished Recognition 2021 & 2022)

·     Canada Life (Distinguished Recognition 2022)

  ·     RBC (Top Ranked 2021 & 2022)

·     TD (Distinguished Recognition 2021 & 2022)

·     BMO (Distinguished Recognition 2022)

·     Scotiabank (Distinguished Recognition 2022)

  ·     TELUS (Top Ranked 2021 & 2022)

·     Koodo (Distinguished Recognition 2021 & 2022)

·     Videotron (Distinguished Recognition 2021 & 2022)

·     Fido (Distinguished Recognition 2022)

  Mobile Service Provider
  ·     Toyota/Lexus (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Honda/Acura (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

  Auto Manufacturing
  ·     Samsung (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Sony (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

·     Microsoft (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

  Technology Products
  ·     Interac (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Google (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

·     Netflix (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

·     PayPal (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

  Technology Services
  ·     Canadian Tire (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Costco (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

·     Staples (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

  General Merchandise Retailer
  ·     Costco (Top Ranked 2021)

·     Independent Grocers (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

·     Metro (Distinguished Recognition 2021)

  Food Service Provider


A full listing and ranking within each category can be found on our Award Pages (click on Category).

We hope all Canadian companies and upcoming leaders will note that being respectful pays off long-term.  Translating national values into business settings – by tone and behavior – is the right thing to do.   We see this materializing in programs such as diversity & inclusion, respect of our climate/climate change and sustainability.

As individuals, managers and leaders let’s bring respect more into our workplaces.

Respect Matters.