Be honest. Be respectful. Keep your word. Stand behind your promises.

Out-of-the-blue critical events and issues can be upon you.

Within a day, Rogers had every regulatory and business-eye on it when our national communications and commerce came to a full stop for almost a day.   With one video-release, Bell Media became a employment/employer pariah stemming from the (poorly handled) removal of a beloved news anchor from a subsidiary.  In a matter of months, Air Canada & WestJet are now viewed as weak business planners and operators.

This is where your ‘Bank of Goodwill’ comes into play. 

Building up – and storing – good feelings from positive experiences, actions and messages are needed when times get tougher.  You will need to draw on this, sometimes quite materially.  As recent business issues have clearly shown us, experiences and relationships can change on a dime.

All companies actively manage their reputation, build-up and protect their goodwill.   Being honest, respectful, keeping your word and standing behind your promises are what builds this goodwill up most effectively.

Respect Matters.  Your bank-of-goodwill really matters.