Respect Matters

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501, 2022

Industry Leader Interview with Stephen Beatty

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Earlier this year, we announced Toyota was ranked Canada’s Most Respected Auto Manufacturer over 13 national peers.  This recognition was particularly important because it arrived during incredibly challenging (global pandemic) times for auto manufacturing leadership teams, their dealer networks, suppliers [...]

911, 2021

Respect as the Corporate Culture Code

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Bill Higgs, former CEO of Mustang Engineering, author of Culture Code Champion, host of the Culture Code Champions Podcast, explains how treating others with Respect is critical to a strong corporate culture. In this quick read Forbes article, he clearly [...]

2010, 2021

Embracing Respect at Airbus

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Respect is a fundamental value for all employees at Airbus—etched into the very culture of their organization drive both from the top down and bottom up.  “Respect guides all of our daily interactions – with each other, with our customers [...]

2009, 2021

Using/leveraging ‘Respect’ in 2021+

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Last month, John Wright posted a blog on “Battered TRUST”  that highlighted and crystalized a few things for me: Corporate value is tied tightly to corporate reputation. A negative impact/event on the latter, affects the former.   For example: I.e.: Ubers [...]

3006, 2021

An Important, Recent Study on the Importance of Respect on Customer Satisfaction (Queen’s University, Kingston)

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A ground-breaking research paper by Professor Laurence Ashworth of the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, and Professor Maureen A. Bourassa of the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan addresses the question: Do consumer inferences of respect (disrespect) contribute [...]

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