2022 Awardee

Canada’s Most Respected Mobile Service Provider

TELUS Mobility (a division of TELUS Communications) provides mobile products and solutions to over 10 million subscribers across Canada. TELUS is proud of its amazing people, world-leading technology, and commitment to putting Canadians first by caring for its communities.

Distinguished Recognition
2022 Results

Telus ranks first as the Most Respected Mobile Service Provider in Canada, based on the highest RESPECT SCORE tabulated in a national survey conducted among 3,694 randomly selected Canadian adults who are members of the Maru/Blue Online panel during February 2022. The results were then calculated based on the ranking methodology noted previously. The detailed tables for this study are posted here.

* These results are posted with the detailed tables as a proof point for the study.  Reproduction of this chart either in whole or in part may not be undertaken without the expressed permission of DART I & C.

The entities compiled for evaluation come from various national sources compiled by DART I & C. Entities must share a similarity within the category and/or sector, represent a common attribute such as share or size of market or voice, revenue, assets, customers, number of employees, regional and industry/sector relevance, and/or designation by a government or regulatory body.

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